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Urban lifestyle, responsible networking, quality made in Kiel.

We are Kiel ♥

The city in your living room

Every city lives through its identity and individuality. And only its inhabitants and local heroes shape its face. That's why we are closely connected, wired and linked with our Kiel local heroes and cultivate the exchange with the Kiel community.

We love our doers, makers and Kiel originals and we bring them with passion into the me and all kiel ♥

Be inspired by Kiel's good vibes. Let finest Kiel food and drinks melt in your mouth, feel the heartbeat of our city and celebrate our neighbourhood by the sea with us.

We proudly present our Local Heroes. Tataaaa




Die Hafenstadt die im 13. Jahrhundert noch Tom Kyle hieß, was so viel wie "an der Förde am Keil des Meeres" bedeutet, entwickelte sich zum heute bekannten Kiel.

Qualitativ hochwertige Bartpflege, Styling und Rasur durch präzise Handarbeit und erstklassiges Werkzeug treffen sich im me an and all Hotel.


Tue - Thu 09 - 18 hrs

Fri 09 - 12 hrs & 14 - 18 hrs 

Sat 09 - 14 hrs

Hier direkt Termin buchen!

AHOI & cast off!

Camp 24/7

New at Camp 24/7: Sail away on an exciting pirate cruise! Together with the crew, you will conquer the Kiel Fjord. This trip takes the kids dressed as pirates on a sailing boat across the „wild“ Kiel Fjord to foreign ports. On their booty call they will bathe, plunder and conquer. Fun and excitement guaranteed!


100 % vegan. 100 % fair. 100 % sustainable.

Our Hoodies & Shirts are genuine NOORLYS


NOORLY's manifesto suites us perfectly:

"§1 Our planet is all we have
§2 We are responsible for our actions.
§3 Change is in our hands.
§4 We want to look good and feel good about ourselves.
§5 Fair working conditions are the basic measure, not the bonus.
§6 Quality determines the price, not the marketing.
§7 Everyone has the right to wear sustainable clothing."

NOORLYS always fits. Everywhere ♥

If it tastes good, it tastes good. ALOHA DOGS

Nothing but the truth.

When it comes to hot dogs, burgers or wicked french fries, the guys from Aloha Dogs in Kiel have already made a name for themselves. No wonder, because the potential of obsession is high!

The Aloha-Dogs-formula is as simple as it is obvious: if it tastes good, it tastes good! And so it is even more obvious that Aloha Dogs have their place with us, at me and all kiel, ♥ Come and enjoy!

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If love, passion, creativity and good taste fit into one bottle, then it is a LILLE.

lille Brewery Kiel. Our town. Our beer.

Travel is about meeting great local heroes.

Since December 2018 lille has been brewing in its own brewery in Kiel. Exciting beers in Northern Germany's most relaxed city. And the mission is clear:

"We have set out to bring our city back into the public beer consciousness and also to save beer from uniform taste, from economic recipes and brewing processes, and from boredom."

lille is our beer. A piece of Kiel, made in Kiel. Our favourite beer comes from the most modern craft beer brewery in Schleswig-Holstein, where fabulous beers of the highest quality, with a great personality and maximum taste, are created with a great deal of love for even the smallest detail.

Surf The Plank Where ever you want.

Always stay in balance.

O’ahu! The Balance Plank with the feel of a surfboard.

Surf the plank!

The ultimate surf wherever you need it.

"The day begins early in the morning on the water on the Klitmøller coast. There are no conditions for surfing, the water is calm, the sun has already power. I paddle through the slightly swaying water. As I drift, I make the decision to build my own balance board. With the look and shape of a real wooden surfboard. The first model is created and it quickly becomes clear that this prototype will not remain unique. The O'ahu Plank was born. The Balance Plank with the feeling of a surfboard. Inspired by Denmark's Cold Hawaii named after the Hawaiian island of O'ahu."

The feeling of holding a board shaped with love in your hands is priceless and pure goosebumps for every surfer. And to make this moment tangible for you anywhere, Limeitup! have developed the O'ahu Plank for you. Shaped from certified wood by a local carpenter - finished by hands for the real finishing touch. Named after one of the Hawaiian islands. The ultimate surf wherever you want it! 

Go with the flow and ride over the roll of cork, find your daily balance, no matter where.
Surf the plank - surfing is a lifestyle and we Kielers know it!

Loppokaffee Fair. Direct. Sustainable. Every coffee story begins with a raw bean.

Good taste and a good feeling.

"As a member of the Roasters United network, we follow strict guidelines in terms of sustainability, prices and quality of the raw coffee. The majority of our coffee also comes from certified organic cultivation. This allows us to roast and serve delicious coffee in our cafés with a clear conscience, knowing exactly how, where and by whom it was grown and harvested. Without middlemen, the money also goes where it belongs: to the farmers and their families."

"We love to drink coffee. Our second favorite is riding our bikes through the streets of Kiel." 

It is these two passions that have resulted in Loppo coffee in 2010. Kira Schubert and Axel Datschun roast their coffee in their own roasting plant with an attached café, operate a mobile coffee bar and another very nice café in downtown Kiel.

With Kira and Axel everything begins with the raw bean. Everything. They are passionate about all aspects of this complex product and are constantly developing it further. They import their coffee directly and at eye level from cooperatives in Brazil, Ecuador, Ethiopia and Kenya. And they know each partner personally. 

So with us you get "not only" the most delicious coffee. You can also enjoy it with a good feeling.

© Pictures Yosua Pandelaki


Unique pieces handmade, fair and sustainable.


Handmade products were and are something special. No matter whether from the tailor, from the watchmaker, from the carpenter or from the SIEBDRUCKER. Because individuality means the freedom to choose.

linksimhof is a creative meeting place and professional workplace for those who want to realize or commission their own projects. Through the interaction of traditional craftsmanship and modern design, great designs for paper and textile products are created, which can be bought directly in studio and in the online shop. Each piece is unique and hand-printed. High-quality materials - produced fairly and sustainably - are also a priority at linksimhof. Therefore, printing is mainly done with water-based inks.

You can look forward to many beautiful details, which you won't find anywhere else ♥

icecream solves everything. Finest fresh Kiel ice cream on a stick. All done.

Natural simplicity and pure taste. Packeis

No fancy stuff, only the very best ingredients from Kiel on a stick.

In the icy ice cream manufactory in the north of Kiel the PACKEIS is produced by hand. With many loving strokes, seasonal creations are always produced in addition to the regulars. And the guys at PACKEIS don't put just anything in the freezer that hasn't been tasted and found to be delicious. Just like us.

What is in the PACKEIS is also written on it and nothing, nothing at all, is anonymous. Milk, cream and quark come from regional cows. Fruit comes from the family business next door. An ice cream as good as Kiel. 

"We put fresh ice cream on a wooden stick. No more, no less! Even if theoretically everything is possible, we are interested in natural simplicity and pure taste. All ingredients are of natural origin. Many people say so, but our strawberry ice cream consists of strawberries with a little sugar. That's it."


Life is good with a my boo ♥ The most beautiful bamboo bikes in the world. Made in Kiel.

my Volta. my Pra. Your my Boo!

The bamboo bicycles of my Boo from Kiel are a must. AWESOME!

Just like in all me and all hotels, you will find very special means of transport at the me and all kiel: the thoroughly awesome and also literally good bikes from my boo, made in Kiel. Every frame is unique with a sustainable history!

The frames of the bikes are made of bamboo. This grows wild in Ghana and is assembled there in 80 hours of manual labour. A special feature is that the production is done in cooperation with a social project. The employees are engaged under fair conditions and receive a fair payment. This is a big exception for Ghana. The finished frames are shipped to Germany and assembled with high-quality accessories and components directly in Kiel. The Yonso Project also gives many children access to education. Microcredits are financed and since 2016 a school has been built in Yonso, a small rural village.

We think the concept of my Boo is great. The bamboo bikes with the socially sustainable history are a great way for you to move around Kiel in an environmentally friendly way and do something good at the same time. We have 10 bikes for you at me and all kiel.