Friz07 for your sunset on the Förde ♥ Can't wait to see you ♥

Great stuff from ALOHA DOGS. With drinks mixed with love by our crew. And Friz07. Loads of Kiel in our Lounge.

+++ From 6 to 11pm in our Lounge +++

What else?


me and all x preclubbing 

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Preclubbing with the DJ duo Powdel

Finest music for you +++ from 7pm till midnight


me and all x preclubbing 

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DJ ROGI ♥ For you at our place. Let's dance!

Pre-clubbing from 7 pm +++ So excited to see you ♥

Dub-Techno, Tech-House, Breakbeat. Friz07.

Let's enjoy a great Mix Mission!

"Whether a mix means delving into Dub-Techno, classical Tech-House or Breakbeat stuff instead of staying minimalistic is kind of secondary to me. What counts is the atmosphere. And I think it's important to entertain the audience from time to time with an old classic or a track that comes entirely unexpected."

We look forward to cool evenings with you.

We're taking table reservations now ♥

Just call: 0431 3630510

or mail us:

We look forward to great evenings together with you in our Lounge and WoW Bar. 

+++ From 6 to 11pm in our Lounge +++

In your me and all kiel, right on the Förde ♥