Bring your Besties and Buddies. Let's play! Let's make a show.

me and all x buddy battle

When party game and gameshow fans come together with their buddies to pursue their passion, it's called the BUDDY BATTLE, made by MARCUS UND TIM FÖRSTER, and hilarity ensues.

On 1 April from 8 pm at our place ♥


3 hours of absolute party game ecstasy in groups, putting your knowledge, skill, speed and concentration to the test. 

And here's how it works: 

The up to 40 players are split into two groups of the same size by our game masters the Förster brothers. Friends can of course stay together in a team as long as the numbers work out. But that's all we're going to tell you. The rest is a fun surprise! 

Play starts at 8 pm. We recommend getting here half an hour in advance – to warm up.

Please register by e-mail, stating your name: 



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